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Cut Up Debt provides comprehensive, highly effective debt settlement programs by negotiating with your creditors to help pay off your accounts once and for all. We work with some of the finest consumer protection lawyers in the country to defend your rights and get you justice at no cost to you.

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At Cut Up Debt, we specialize in debt settlement solutions for our clients in Tyler, Longview, and the rest of Texas and all of Florida too! Our debt settlement programs allow us to negotiate with your creditors to find a more manageable amount that you can pay off over a short-term payment plan or lump sum.

As an option for debt reduction and the improvement of our clients’ financial situations, debt settlement is at its most viable when your creditors and collectors recognize they may never see the money you owe. If it appears unlikely you’ll be able to pay your debt off within the next two to three years or have experienced a significant financial hardship, you may be a perfect candidate for Cut Up Debt’s debt settlement program. 

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Your debt could be costing you THOUSANDS of dollars every year in Interest, penalties, and fees. We work to negotiate your debts down to an affordable payment that will help you get out of debt FAST!

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Debt can get so out of control that it feels like bankruptcy is your only option. In a lot of cases, it isn’t! We have helped hundreds of families achieve financial freedom and avoid the embarrassment of bankruptcy. Before you choose to go down that path, call and see how we can help.

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Paying off old debts, credit cards, collections, and charged off accounts can take years. By using our decades of experience, we can help get rid of these toxic debts FAST so you can get back to pursuing your life goals. 

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Cut Up Debt has helped hundreds ofconsumers get out of debt and improve their credit by strategically combining our Debt Settlement and Credit Repair Services. We take the time to get to know your situation and create a personalized strategy. You need a company that can get results and, most importantly, prepare you to maintain your improved financial status. We provide every client with personalized counseling as well as live client support.


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Kyle Frasier with Cut Up Debt has a servant’s heart to help others repair their credit.  He is great at what he does and is highly recommended for anyone needing credit repair!  – Finance of America Mortgage