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You make one affordable monthly payment and relax knowing we will handle everything else. Our service provides much more than the traditional debt relief, debt consolidation, or debt settlement program. Even better, our services will cost you an average of 50% less than any of theirs.

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Debt Consolidation

Have you experienced significant financial hardship and found yourself in the vicious cycle of paying out all your money every month but never getting out of debt? At Cut Up Debt, we specialize in breaking that cycle for our clients in Tyler, Longview, DFW, the rest of Texas, and even all of Florida! Our debt relief service allows us to negotiate with your creditors to find an amount you can pay off over a short-term payment plan or lump sum. One by one, we tackle your debts until you are completely debt-free.


Our Fee Is Only Determined By The Amount We Actually Saved You On Each Account We Resolve

(No one else in the industry charges fees this low. On average, our clients pay us half of what a mainstream debt relief company would charge them.)

It's time to take control and

Save Your Hard-earned Money!

Your debt could be costing you THOUSANDS of dollars every year in Interest, penalties, and fees. We work to negotiate your debts down to an affordable payment that will help you get out of debt FAST!

We Have Helped Hundreds of Families

Avoid Bankruptcy​

Debt can get so out of control that it feels like bankruptcy is your only option. In a lot of cases, it isn't! We have helped hundreds of families in the Lindale, Tyler & Longview, TX area achieve financial freedom and avoid the embarrassment of bankruptcy. Before you choose to go down that path, call and see how we can help.

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Get Out of Debt FAST !

Paying off old debts, credit cards, collections, and charged off accounts can take years. By using our decades of experience, we can help get rid of these toxic debts FAST so you can get back to pursuing your life goals.

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We will keep you informed every step of the way so you are never left in the dark. ​

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We are your advocates, by your side the entire time.​

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Our goal is to free you to start enjoying your best life as quickly as we can.​

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Debt Experts Since 1993

Cut Up Debt has helped hundreds of consumers get out of debt and improve their credit by strategically combining our Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair Services. We are proud to be a company you can trust, will work hard to get you great results, and will prepare you to maintain your improved financial status. As a client, you will also become a family member and the fruit of our ministry for life!

Kyle Frasier, Licensed Minister & Founder of Cut Up Debt

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